DAY ONE: 1 April 2019

10.05: Ice-breaker or keynote address

10.25: Attendee Engagement: How to create content that moves your audience to action

In this content session learn how to use stories that resonate with and engage your audience and how doing your research is crucial to help build on your company’s objectives and member aspirations whilst sharing key take away points. We’ll be taking a closer look at how you design your events with content to engage all demographics and how you ensure the events you create are experiences to remember whilst being an active learning tool.

Speakers to be confirmed

10.40: Edgineers: Getting the edge on marketing through social activations

How do you choose the perfect hashtag? How do you create shareable content as part of your digital marketing campaigns? This session will look at how you could be capitalising on all your membership resources and empowering your members to be your ambassadors by telling your event story through their networks. We’ll talk in detail about which social platform works best for your target audience and look at how you build the perfect formula for social engagement. This session will hopefully give you a better understanding around how you use social media to build a community to ensure year-round interest.

Speakers to be confirmed

11.00 – 11.30 Networking break

11.30 Panel Debate: Choosing a stand-out venue that works for association, charity and not-for-profit events

How important is a venue to an event’s overall experience? In this panel debate we'll try to understand the challenges of using a unique venue and how you develop relationships with venues, their accredited suppliers and specialists to get the best for your event needs. As well as this will look at how you get value for money and return on experience.

Speakers to be confirmed

12.00 – 12.30 Pre-qualified 1-2-1 meetings

12.35 Lunch and refreshments

13.35  Going green to keep delegates keen: Breaking frontiers in sustainable event management

How can embedding sustainability into your events make life easier, reduce costs and enhance your image? Can your events be sustainable and still look good? In this session we’ll look at how you can make key environmental choices that work for your delegates and how creating a sustainable roadmap for the industry is so important. We’ll touch base on how you use local infrastructure and charities to run re-use projects for event material and look at how you develop a procurement policy with suppliers.

Speaker to be confirmed

14.00    Panel: Choosing a stand-out venue that works for association, charity & not-for-profit events

In this panel discussion we’ll talk about how important a venue is to an event’s overall experience and try to understand the challenges of using a unique venue. We’ll delve into relationships and working with venues, their accredited suppliers and specialists to get the best for your event needs. It’s important for your members that you’re ticking all the boxes so flexibility and accessibility is key. We’ll chat a little about how going the extra mile for association events can create a greater return on experience.

Speakers to be confirmed

14.30 – 1530 Pre-qualified 1-2-1 meetings

15.35  Networking break

15.45  Pre-qualified 1-2-1 meetings

16.45 Making your events more inclusive: Dealing with diversity & equality

As events become more global, event planners need to navigate the political landscape and take cultural sensitivities into considerations. This session will look at how bringing in diverse voices through speakers will challenge audiences to think bigger and broader and help your association events as well as being more inclusive to all attendees.

Speaker to be confirmed

17.05 Chairs closing remarks

17.15 Relaxation time

19.00 Drinks Reception and Gala Dinner

DAY TWO: 2 April 2019

09.30 Understanding the younger generation: Is the events industry in touch with the younger generation?

Knowing the millennial mindset is key and appealing to the younger generations by harnessing the power of Instagram could be the way forward for your association. Packaging what they want in an exciting and creative way is vital to stay in touch with the younger generation. In this session we’ll look at how you make business events a more visible and attractive career path for the millennials and how setting up more apprenticeships and developing a unique young community to futureproof your business is the new way forward. We’ll also take a look at the results of the EIB Talent Taskforce survey and present the case study: The Future Housing Leaders.

Speakers to be confirmed

10.00  Pre-qualified 1-2-1 meetings

11.00  Networking break

11.30  Pre-qualified 1-2-1 meetings

12.30 Knowing your event tech: A look at technologies for every step of the event lifecycle

The world as we know it is pushing towards more tech and understanding the different app features and functionalities could be vital for future event success. We’ll look at how choosing the right apps and tech to ensure your delegates get the most out of your event pre, during and post event shouldn’t be looked over and and how improving check-in, feedback and security is becoming more and more important. We’ll touch base on the use of VR and AR to compliment an event for maximum impact and attendee experience as well as how you use event tech analytics to analyse the ROI and engagement of an event

Speakers to be confirmed

12.50      End of event

Do I qualify?

There are a limited number of complimentary places available for senior buyers and event managers from associations, association management companies, PCO's, Public Sector, Charities and Non for Profit with a minimum annual budget of £100k.

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